Plunge 5m is shown at the picture above.

Some shapes in this range may differ from the 3D design shown. Please check the model outlines below the specifications table for design details.

For Smaller Areas and Townhouses

If you have a small backyard you don’t have to miss out on the joys of pool ownership. Our Plunge and Courtyard pools are perfect for transforming a small area into an oasis.


Plunge 6.2 6.2m 3.4m 1.42m 1.7m
Plunge 5.0 5.0m 3.39m 1.42m 1.65m
Plunge 4.8 4.86m 2.26m 1.35m 1.35m
Plunge 3.6 3.62m 2.26m 1.35m 1.35m
Plunge 2.8 2.85m 2.1m 1.2m 1.2m
Courtyard 4.5 4.48m 3.37m 1.27m 1.50m
Relax 6.3 6.3m 2.33m 1.36m 1.36m

Model Outlines

Plunge Shape 3D Rotation

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    Courtyard Shape 3D Rotation

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