X-Trainer Pool Series

The Compass X-Trainer fibreglass pool was designed for both fitness and fun. Its modern shape and variety of sizes offer you infinite style options.

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Vogue Pool Series

A popular fibreglass swimming pool with centrally positioned entry steps and bench seat, the Vogue combines style, elegant design and functionality.

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Fastlane Lap Pool Series

The Fastlane lap pool is ideally suited for narrow blocks and serious swimmers. Its custom design options make it a great choice for those who have specific requirements.

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Contemporary Pool Series

There´s a contemporary to suit every backyard. This pool is feep in the centre, shallow at both ends, with step ledge for kids to rest – perfect for family fun.

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Plunge Pools

If you have a small backyard, you can still enjoy benefits of owning a swimming pool. Our Plunge and Courtyard pools are perfect for transforming a small area into an oasis.

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Spas & Waders Series

A spa or wader will transform any backyard. Change the shape and function of your new fibreglass pool with a spa or wader to complement your pools’ shape.

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Compass Pools Sanctuary swimming pool installation 03

Sanctuary Pool Series

A modern geometric shape that will fit most backyards. Ample space to take a dip while providing a full length bench and steps for relaxation and family fun.

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Building fibreglass in the North Queensland area

So many people would love to have their own swimming pool in the backyard. Sometimes, they give up on the idea due to the complexity of the pool project and many questions they have. We at Composite Pool Solutions are confident that having a pool installed at your property is not that complicated. Certainly not if you select a trustworthy pool builder and a product that you can rely on.

Compass fibreglass pools are top of the class. They look great and last long, thanks to the reinforced ceramic pool core. Their awesome colours that shine in the water will turn your new pool into a stunning centrepiece which will make your property look like a luxurious oasis. And if you think that owning a pool mean a lot of work, we’ll prove you wrong: The Compass Pools self-cleaning pool will clean itself. No more manual or robotic cleaners will be needed, the sophisticated system of nozzles will clean your pool from all debris.

Select your favourite fibreglass pool shape

We have eight pool shapes in the portfolio. They range from small pools that are perfect for limited space that is so common with today’s city properties. Our Plunge & Courtyard pools are built to the highest quality standards so you don’t have to compromise on quality if you go with a smaller pool. There are small versions of our popular family swimming pools available – the smallest X-Trainer is 5.78m long, while the longest pool in this model range is 11.74m long, perfect for swimming laps. Speaking of lap swimming, our Fastlane was designed specifically with this purpose in mind. This lap pool is long and narrow, perfect for those who’d like to exercise in their very own pool. There are two standard lengths of Fastlane. Compass, however, has come with a solution to merge two or three Fastlanes and thus build a fibreglass lap pool that is up to 30m long! Contemporary pools are popular with families, too, while the new Sanctuary series provides ample space to take a dip while providing a full-length bench and steps for relaxation and family fun.