Partially or Fully Above Ground Fibreglass Pools Are Possible

Our exclusive MaxiRib technology allows you to install a compass pool anywhere, including above ground. MaxiRib technology lends strength and support to your pool shell, and this enables you to have stunning infinity pools installed on your property.

Defining Maxi Rib Technology

Maxi Rib Technology is a new rib-like support system that goes around the exterior of your pool. This structure gives your pool the necessary support it needs, so it doesn’t collapse on itself under its own weight when you install it above-ground. The pool sits on a concrete platform or prepared natural ground, and this gives you installation options on challenging or sloping sites.

Save Money with Maxi Rib Technology

Traditionally, installing swimming pools in challenging or sloping sites meant that you’d pay additional engineering expenses. Maxi Rib Technology removes these expenses while giving you a straightforward solution to help you cut costs. Additionally, you can outfit your above-ground pool with an automated cleaning system, so you spend more time enjoying it.

Three Different Pool Installation Options

You can choose from three different installations methods when installing your new swimming pool


As one of the most popular pool options, this is excellent for very flat and level ground. This design can help you reduce your overall costs associated with installing your pool.


If the installation site is not level, a partially above-ground pool is the ideal choice. Popular solutions include a Maxi Lite support system or drop-edge coping beams, and they can bring your pool up to your existing deck’s height.


People mistakenly believe it’s a labour-intensive process to install a fully above-ground pool with earthworks, concrete pools or retaining wall building. However, the Maxi Rib technology makes this installation process more cost-effective than a concrete pool, retaining wall or earthworks alternatives.

The unique Maxi Rib system which is exclusive to Compass Pools eliminates the need for expensive ground works or complicated concrete designs. In most cases installing a Compass Maxi Rib Pool will be more cost effective than the added earthworks/retaining or Concrete Pool alternatives.

Reach Out and Talk to Us if You:

  • Want your pool installed close to a building
  • Have a sloping site that requires pool walls to be above-ground
  • Want to include pool wall windows or an infinity edge
  • Need to install your pool partially above-ground for landscape reasons
  • Want to install your pool above natural ground to a deck or patio height

Maxi Rib Visualisation

an Above Ground Fibreglass Pool X-Trainer with Maxi Rib

Gallery of Above Ground Pool Installations with Maxi Rib

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