Composite Pool Solutions Popularity of Plunge and Courtyard Pools is growing

Australian plunge pools have had a surge in popularity in recent years. Many homeowners like that a plunge pool gives them the luxury of a pool without taking up a lot of space. If you’re considering installing a plunge pool in your yard, you’ll need to know all about them before you do.

We’ve taken an in-depth look at small plunge pools to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on whether or not this is the correct pool for your needs.

Defining a Plunge Pool

What is a plunge pool? This type of pool comes designed for relaxation rather than swimming due to it’s smaller size. They range between 2 and 6 metres long and 2 or 3.5 metres wide. Plunge pools usually don’t go deeper than 1.2 metres, but you can request deeper designs. The edges of these small pools have large seating areas for optimal relaxation.

Many manufacturers allow you to add extras to your plunge pool like spa or swim jets. Spa jets help you relax after a long day, but swim jets are more powerful. When you switch the swim jets on, you can swim in one spot for as long as you want and fight against the current. This resistance gives you an intense working in a fraction of the space of a larger pool.

Plunge Pool Materials

You can choose concrete or fibreglass plunge pools. Fibreglass and concrete plunge pools are robust and durable. The manufacturers build these plunge pools to be able to withstand Australia’s extreme weather conditions, and they can last for years with proper care.

The main difference between concrete and fibreglass plunge pools is that concrete comes specially designed for your backyard. The company will come in, survey the area and plan a plunge pool around your yard’s unique features. From start to finish, the process of installing the plunge pool can take several weeks.

For a slightly quicker process, fibreglass pools come premade. There are several sizes and shapes you can choose between, and the company will deliver your selected pool directly to your home. Once it arrives, they’ll install it in your backyard. The process can take only a few days from beginning to end.

If you’re not sure which plunge pool material is best for your needs, you can talk to your closest pool retailer. They’ll be able to walk you through the process of choosing the best plunge pool for your needs, yard specifications and wants.

Composite Pool Solutions Fibreglass plunge pool for smaller backyard

Plunge Pool Cost Factors

Total cost of your plunge pool will vary depending on several factors that include the brand, build quality, additional features like a spa or swim jet, and whether you want an in-ground or above-ground setup. To break it down, you should keep the following costs in mind:

  • Groundwork – How much work will the company have to do to get your yard ready for your little pool? This price will depend on whether or not the company has to hire equipment, pay for labour hours, and navigate any unique challenges associated with your site.
  • Size – Plunge pools can vary in size and shape, and this will dictate how much groundwork your installation company has to do. In general, they will cost less than a traditional pool because they’re more compact.
  • Material – Do you want a concrete plunge pool or a fibreglass plunge pool? Concrete is usually more expensive due to the design and installation process, and you need to resurface it every 15 years or so. Fibreglass is slightly cheaper, but you have limited control over the shape.
  • Personnel – Along with the pool company itself, you’ll need plumbers and electricians to set up your pool’s filtration and heat systems.
  • Decking or Paving – Even if you get a small plunge pool, you’ll have to have decking or paving around it. These options will give you an area to relax and enjoy yourself, and the price varies based on size and materials.
  • Landscaping – You can create elaborate or simple landscaping features around your new little pool. More elaborate setups will cost more than the streamlined and straightforward.
  • Fencing  You need fencing and safety features around your pool, no matter how small it is. The cost will depend on your fencing material, and it ranges from just over $150 to $600 per metre.
  • Chemicals – Pools of all sizes need chemicals to keep the water clear, clean and free of bacteria or microorganisms.
  • Cleaning – Do you plan to clean your pool system by yourself or are you going to buy a robot to do it for you? Another option is to hire a cleaning service.
  • Jets and Accessories  Finally, do you want a typical plunge pool, or do you want a few extras like swim or spa jets? These will cost more as they typically don’t come standard with plunge pools.

Why Australian Plunge Pools are so Popular

Plunge pools are a popular alternative for people who have small backyard designs. The more compact build allows them to have the luxury of having their pool without taking up a lot of additional space. These features make plunge pools particularly popular in urban areas throughout Australia where space is at a premium, and there is no way to fit a traditional pool in.

Plunge pools can make an entire backyard look more pleasing to the eye, and it instantly boosts your home’s kerb appeal. You can design the whole yard around your pool and create an excellent space for everyone to relax and entertain. Plunge pool designs encompass several sizes and shapes, so it’s easy to find a style that fits into your backyard.

The smaller size makes them easier to clean and less expensive to maintain. In turn, you get more free time to spend enjoying your pool throughout the year. As a bonus, some plunge pools come with self-cleaning options that take care of everything for you. You’ll get a clean and clear pool that’s ready to go whenever you are, and this is a massive bonus for busy families.

The fee system associated with small plunge pools is more manageable for families too. You won’t have to worry about a large excavation project when it comes time to install these pools, and this can save you on the total costs. Maintenance requires fewer chemicals to keep it safe and clean, and it’s less expensive to top off the water when it starts to recede.

Having the ability to customise your plunge pool makes it another popular choice for families. You can request spa jets to turn your little pool into the perfect environment for relaxation. Once you sit down, the spa jets can massage your cares away.

Composite Pool Solutions Plunge pools are popular choices for families

If you want something more unique, swim jets can create a mini lap-pool right in your backyard. You’ll get an intense workout while you swim in place, and you can choose how many swim jets you enjoy in your final setup. Adding a heating system allows you to enjoy your plunge pool in colder weather, and it also helps you relax when you get in.

Health and wellbeing benefits are another huge draw for these types of small pools. In those hot Australian summer months, you can take a quick dip to cool down. Additionally, it’s a great way to get the kids outside and exercising while they play.

Aquatic rehabilitation is a popular use for a plunge pool. Low-impact exercise and muscle strengthening after an injury are excellent uses for plunge pools since they’re smaller. You can safely and effectively work every part of your body without overexerting yourself.

Having a plunge pool installed will give you a centralised location for your family and friends to gather and reconnect in. The kids can have epic pool parties all summer long with all of their friends, and you can have adult pool parties as well after the kids finish playing in the water.

Composite Pool Solutions Variety of plunge pool colours and shapes make them a popular choice

Why Choose Composite Pool Solutions for Your Plunge Pools

When you look for a pool manufacturer, you want someone who has years of experience installing plunge pools, and Composite Pool Solutions is that manufacturer. We bring decades of combined experience to each of the jobs we take on for our customers, and we offer a lifetime structural guarantee.

Our variety of pool colours and shapes also make us a popular choice. We can design an exclusive plunge pool to suit your needs and tastes. Additionally, we keep our customers in the loop throughout the design, build and installation process, so they know exactly where we are and if any unexpected issues come up.

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