Smart swimming poos of the future

Every year, new technology is released to make us faster, smarter, and better than ever before. Whether it’s a new smartphone, television, computer, tablet, or something even more high tech like a full-blown smart home, technology is constantly being upgraded and updated to help give us some sort of new advantage.

While it’s great to see these changes take place on our phones and computers, what’s most exciting is the technology released for our every day appliances, making our lives that much easier and simpler. For pool owners, one of the the greatest chores can be maintaining their pool, and so smart pool technology is one of the more exciting new things to come out. Read on for more information about what a smart pool is, what it can do, and why investing in a smart pool is the right decision to help simplify your life.

What does the term “smart pool” mean?

Smart pools are similar to the common swimming pool, but what is it that makes all the difference? While traditional swimming pools must be constantly maintained, smart pools (sometimes referred to as future pools, intelligent pools, or clever pools) have technology built in that allows them to be programmed to complete tasks for themselves.

This spares you the hassle of taking time out from your day to complete the many tasks needed for a standard swimming pool, thus freeing up your schedule. Smart pools connect to your phone, computer, or tablet, and so you will not even need to be at home in order to service your pool, but rather, you can complete any needed maintenance while on the go from anywhere you can take your device. Smart pools are incredibly convenient because they take away the difficulties of owning a swimming pool so that you can be free to enjoy your investment.

What features can the smart pool control?

Pool lights

One simple but important feature that can be controlled by a smart pool is the use of the pool lights. This feature is really convenient because should you ever leave your home in a rush, you can turn off the pool lights while on the go, saving you time.

Similarly, if you just aren’t sure if you switched them off before you left, the remote app gives peace of mind, no matter where your travel takes you. Having control of the pool lights also makes it easier than ever to set the ambience of your pool and yard. If you plan to come home in the evening and jump in, you can program your pool’s lights to already be on so that the mood is perfect and the pool is ready for your evening dip. This is just one feature that makes smart pools incredibly convenient and easy to use.

Pool pump

Another very important feature which can be controlled is your pool’s pump. The pump is responsible for circulating your water around the entire pool area, ensuring that the water is not sitting stagnant and gathering bacteria. Unfortunately, many traditional pool owners choose to operate their pool pump manually. This can lead to inefficiencies that mean the water is not circulating to every nook and cranny within the pool, which could spell algae and bacteria growth, not exactly the dream scenario for your backyard paradise.

A smart pool pump ensures that your waters stay clean and clear even when you are busy. Because you can operate your smart pool while on the go, your pool pump can be activated even when you are not at home, so the pool doesn’t have to just sit stagnantly until your return. By making the pump automatic, you can get your pool cleaning on a schedule you can rely on.

Pool cleaning

One huge selling point of the smart pool is that your pool can clean itself. Between scrubbing the sides and sifting any surface dirt through a net, traditional swimming pools can require hours of maintenance for the owner, and this can end up cancelling out the relaxation a swimming pool should be bringing you. Thankfully, smart pool technology makes it so that your pool can clean itself with just a few clicks on your device. This means that you can go on a trip without having to worry about who will be taking care of your pool or without just leaving it and wondering what mess might be waiting when you return to your home.

You can schedule routine cleaning, or decide on the spot to have your smart pool start the work. Because you can control the schedule while on the go, you can always ensure that you’ll be prepared if ever friends want to come over for an unexpected dip in the pool. Setting your pool to clean itself frees up your schedule and allows you to enjoy your time in the sun, rather than having to work your way through it.

Intelligent self-cleaning pools

Salt chlorinator

Alongside cleaning, managing the chemicals that go into the pool is another one of those tasks that can take up a ton of the time that you would rather spend in the water. Not only is trying to figure out the right volume of each chemical somewhat confusing, but it can also be stressful because ensuring that you are swimming in clean water is such a important task for your health and safety.

Installing a smart salt chlorinator means that you can enjoy each day in your pool without having to fear tricky things like pH balances and chemical levels, and your pool water stays clean and safe for a dip with no worrying involved, no matter the time of day.


Investing in a heating system is a great way to make sure that you can get the most out of your swimming pool, regardless of season, time of day, or weather. However, having to manually adjust the temperature and waiting for the water to actually heat up can be a incredibly frustrating and boring task.

Thankfully, this is just another job that your smart pool can take on all by itself. Because you can control your pool’s temperature away from home, having your smart pool heat up its water all by itself means that you can plan for a late night swim while out and about, and then come back to water that is already heated to perfection. Not only is this feature convenient, but it also makes it easy to save energy by allowing your pool to adjust the heat settings while you are away.

Building smart pools for smart homes

What should I look for in a pool management system?

Now that you have seen what kind of features are available to add onto your smart pool system, it’s time to consider what kind of operating system you might want to pair it with. Selecting the right pool management system is an important way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your smart swimming pool.

One important thing to ensure is that your pool management system is compatible with both iOS and Android. This is important because, as time passes, you may switch devices, Make sure that the management system you plan on getting will work with any future systems you may use for a device in the future.

If you choose to use other smart systems within your home, you may also want to look into getting a system that can be paired for these. For example, if you are a user of Amazon’s Echo you may want to ensure they can give commands for your smart pool through a voice operating system. Pairing these systems can make it possible to have an entire smart home that is seamlessly connected, to make your life as easy as possible.

Looking for the right operating system can be one of the trickier parts of planning to build a smart pool, so be sure that the company you choose to work with is happy to help you through the selection process. There are a lot of options, but the right company will help you to find the right system to work with your lifestyle.

Also your swimming pool can be smart

Is building a smart pool the right choice for me?

Any person who would enjoy owning a traditional pool will find that a smart pool is an even better choice for themselves. No matter what your lifestyle is like, smart pools are customisable. That means they can work for you and your family and ensure that you have the most fun as possible with the least amount of work involved.

For those who are looking to save money, a smart pool may seem like a significant investment. However, by saving energy, it can actually end up saving you money in the long run. For the same reason, smart pools are also good choices for the environmentally conscious, because the different settings can be turned on and off from anywhere your device can go, which is everywhere! What’s more, the regularly scheduled cleanings and pool pump sessions means consistency which can help to save energy, as well.

Another huge seller for smart pools is that they are time savers in every way. While traditional swimming pools can end up taking up more time for maintenance than you are actually able to spend in the water, smart pools are different. They take out the hard work so that you can spend those precious hours in your pool rather than maintaining it. No longer will you be spending your hours skimming the top of your pool for debris or checking pH levels. Instead, the time you save will help you to craft even more memories that make your investment so, so worth it.

Having a smart pool adds convenience to your life and allows you to save time, but it also helps you to keep up with the pace of the modern day world. As technology becomes more and more prevalent in our day to day lives, it is important that our investments follow suit, and there is no reason why that shouldn’t include your swimming pool. Installing a smart pool shows that you are willing to invest in yourself and the memories that can be made, and this has never been easier to achieve than right now.

For more information or for help figuring out the right pool for you, feel free to reach out to our team so that we can help you with this important investment.

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