Composite Pool Solutions - A Guide to Family Pools

Owning a family swimming pool in your backyard is a great experience. It offers wonderful opportunities for family bonding, relaxing, playing games in the water, and staying fit and healthy as a family. It is also a valuable asset that you can all continue to enjoy for many years into the future.

When you’re choosing a pool for your family, there are a number of important considerations to take into account. Here we talk about some of the things families are looking for in a swimming pool and which types of pool are the best for the whole family’s needs.

What do families look for in a swimming pool?

All families are unique but they tend to share several priorities when it comes to swimming pools. In our experience, these are the issues that families are most concerned about when choosing a pool:

1. Safety

Safety has to be a paramount consideration for any family, especially if you have young children. A family pool in your backyard can be the safest environment for teaching your children to swim as it doesn’t have the crowds and distractions of a public pool or beach. However, there are a number of features you should be looking out for to make sure the pool is suitable for swimmers of all ages.

A family pool should have non-slip surfaces to reduce the risk of accidents. Ideally, it also comes equipped with safety rails that children can grab onto if they are not yet strong swimmers and they become tired.

Seating areas can also be a big advantage in a family pool. Space for sitting enables family members of all ages to take a break from exercise while still enjoying the therapeutic benefits of the water.

Also, parents are always especially careful about the quality of the pool water. Read on more about maintaining a healthy and clean pool thanks to UV.

2. Quality

A swimming pool is a large investment and you expect it to last for many years. It is worth spending a little more on a high-quality pool in the short term as it will last longer and require less maintenance over the years than a cheaper model.

Your family pool needs to have a strong, tough core so it will withstand the Australian climate and not be affected by seasonal ground movements, which can weaken it. It should also be as resistant as possible to water damage, preventing water from seeping into its structure.

In addition, as a family pool is also a beautiful design feature that will add value to your home, it should have some protection for its appearance. Its surface should be as resistant as possible to fading caused by the sun and the chemicals in the pool water.

3. Appearance

Your family swimming pool needs to suit your tastes and look great as it will be the centrepiece of your backyard design. It needs to blend in well with the rest of your property and be an outstanding focal point.

To gain the most control over the appearance of your pool, make sure it can be customised to suit your tastes, giving you a choice of colours and design features to suit the unique needs of your home.

4. Extras

Family pools come with a range of different features. It is important to choose a pool which adds real value to your lifestyle. For example, if you lead a busy life and you want to spend the weekend relaxing with the kids, a self-cleaning system is a great option to choose as it saves you many hours of maintenance.

Lighting and heating are also important considerations. You may also want to think about including a water feature for an extra touch of luxury.

The best pool material to choose

The two most common materials used for building family pools in Australia are concrete and fibreglass. Both are extremely strong materials which will last for many years, but they have different properties which are suitable for different needs. It is important to research these before selecting your family pool.

1. Fibreglass

Fibreglass is a more cost-effective choice. Fibreglass pool shells are manufactured in factories. They are off-the-shelf solutions which come in a range of shapes, sizes and styles. They cannot easily be customised but you do have some control over their appearance, such as being able to choose the colour.

Probably the biggest advantage of fibreglass pools is that they can be installed and ready to use in a matter of days, giving your family maximum enjoyment from the start. Thanks to the latest ceramic core technology, they are also so strong and durable that some now come with lifetime guarantees.

2. Concrete

Concrete pools are more expensive as they need to be built from scratch in your backyard. This means there is more construction work involved and your pool could take several weeks or even months to complete. Unlike fibreglass pools, concrete pools require tiling or pebbling, which takes extra time and money, and can lead to higher ongoing maintenance.

However, if your backyard is an unusual shape or you want to have more control over the design of your pool, concrete is the right choice for you. As your pool is not pre-manufactured, it is a completely bespoke solution which you can design to suit the needs of your property, your lifestyle, and your personal tastes.

Our favourite family pool designs

At Composite Pools, we offer a range of fibreglass pools that are ideal for families. Here is a selection of our favourites.

1. Vogue

The Vogue offers a highly stylish, sleek design with all the safety features a family could need. Its centrally-positioned steps offer a clear exit point. Also, the steps are slip-resistant, as is the floor of the pool. It features a step ledge around the perimeter for children to hold onto if they get tired, and comfortable relaxation zones at both ends of the pool.

Available in a number of different lengths, widths and depths, the Vogue is ideal for the majority of backyards and is a great family pool.

2. Contemporary

Deep in the centre and shallow at both ends, the Contemporary series offers safety and practicality combined with streamlined good looks. With large steps and bench seating at either end, it is perfect for relaxation while offering plenty of space for swimming and family games in the water.

With a step ledge for added safety and a choice of lengths, widths and depths, there is a Contemporary pool to suit every family.

3. Riviera

Whether your tastes are modern or you prefer a more traditional style, you and your whole family will love the Riviera. Designed to coordinate with all styles of architecture, it provides an attractive feature in your backyard due to its gently curved design.

Safety is a priority here with a perimeter grip rail, step ledge and slip-resistant steps and floor. The Riviera also offers two comfortable relaxation zones for chilling out in the water. It is available in an extensive choice of sizes and depths to suit your individual requirements.

4. X-Trainer

Serious swimmers and fun-seekers alike will love the X-Trainer. Its versatile design is ideal for improving your lap times and concentrating on your fitness, while also providing plenty of space for family games in the water. Its wide steps at both ends are slip-resistant, as is the pool floor, and it offers a handy rest area at one end.

With sleek, contemporary looks and a range of sizes and depths available, the X-Trainer will delight every type of swimmer in your family.

Pool and spa combinations

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy at the same time as having fun with your family in the water, a pool and spa combination could be the right choice for you. It is a full-sized family swimming pool with a separate spa section containing hydrotherapy jets, ideal for when you’re recovering from an injury or you just want to relieve some stress.

The spa section can be built onto the pool so it creates one consistent design feature, or raised to add interest. It offers complete versatility for families with varying needs and preferences.

Find out more about family swimming pools

If you would like more information about any of the pools we sell or would like advice about choosing the right pool for your family, please contact us. Our specialist team will be happy to help.