In this Advice article, we will try to answer the most commonly asked questions about selecting pool heating in Queensland such as what affects the pool water temperature, what type of pool heaters are available, what is our preferred type and brand of pool heaters that we offer to our customers.

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Do I Need Pool Hating in Queensland?

Selecting Pool Heating in Queensland

People often ask us: Do I actually need pool heating in Queensland? Isn’t it hot enough to keep the water warm during the whole year? Well, the answer is, as you might expect – most probably YES. The water temperature is affected by the temperature of the air and the soil surrounding the pool. Except for this, the amount of sunshine and rainfalls do affect your pool. The outside temperature varies across regions of Queensland. For example in Bundaberg, the average annual air temperature is 21.5 °C. However, there are great differences between the night and day, thus, your pool might be colder in the morning and warm up during the day. Regarding the soil, you can expect the soil to have the temperature somewhere between 19 and 23 °C in Queensland. If you are interested in knowing the exact values, you can check the Agricultural Observations Bulletin for Queensland issued by Bureau of Meteorology. The measure the soil temperature 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 cm under the surface. For example, the temperature 1m deep in Bundaberg on 5 June 2017 was 21.1 °C.

If you live in Bundaberg, with the average temperatures of the air 21.5 °C and the soil 21.10 °C, you can surely make use of the pool heating. Your desired pool temperature will vary according to the preferred use of the pool, however, most hotels and resorts keep the temperature of their pools at a comfortable 27° to 29°C.

Whether you are thinking of buying a pool or upgrading your existing one, considering the pool heating options and selecting the optimal pool heating are those important decisions you need to make. If you could use help with selecting the pool heating for a pool in Queensland, get in touch with us to discuss the pool heating options available or continue reading to get some inspiration regarding the available options and factors to consider when choosing an optimal pool heating for your Queensland swimming pool.

Factors to Consider when Selecting Pool Heating in Queensland

If you are thinking how to choose the best pool heating in Queensland, you might start with the heater type (pool heating technology or pool heating system). The four different pool heating systems available on the market include electric element, electric heat pumps, gas, and solar. Electric element heaters provide typically a low purchase cost option, they are easily installed and compact sized. These swimming pool heaters work on the principle of a direct heat transfer between the heating element and the pool water. They are widely used in applications where their small size may be an advantage or even a requirement. Electric heat pumps are able to capture the energy from the outside air and use it to heat the pool water. Thanks to this, the energy consumption is reduced greatly. They represent a popular option for people who like to use their pool frequently. Gas pool heaters are popular especially because of their rapid heating ability. Depending on their size and performance, you can heat up your pool water within hours using one of these swimming pool heating systems. Gas heaters can be quite cost effective especially in warmer regions of Queensland where the heating requirement of the pool is relatively low. Gas heaters can be combined with solar heaters, where the solar heating warms up the water during the day and the gas heater can quickly increase the temperature before taking your first swim in the morning. Solar pool heating is very popular because of using the “free” energy from the sun. The water from the pool is circulated through the collector, which can be located on a roof or on the ground. They are often preferred by recreational swimmers and are highly recommended for areas with high amounts of sunshine throughout the year.

There is no general recommendation on which system is the best for you. The decision should be based on considering numerous factors including your location in Queensland (varying weather patterns) or the cost of electricity. The electricity market has been deregulated also for small business customers recently. In South East Queensland, the Queensland Competition Authority no longer regulates retail prices for these entities and thus, they are now determined by electricity retail providers, with customers able to choose between standard retail contracts and competitive market retail contracts.

Sunshine in your Queensland Region as a Factor when Considering Solar Pool Heating

If you are thinking of a solar heater in Queensland, you might want to consider the number of sunny days in your region before making the decision. The highest number of sunny days a year have Rockingham (WA) – 146 and Perth (WA) – 144, which is a big difference compared to Hobart (TAS) – 44 or Melbourne (VIC) – 46 at the other side of the spectre. Also, partly sunny days can be considered and compared and the sum of both can be a factor as well. There are quite significant differences between various regions of Queensland as well. The highest average amount of sunshine can be found in Rockhampton – 121 sunny and 151 partly sunny days totalling for 272 days with the sunshine. In Cairns, on the other hand, we have 98 sunny and 137 partly sunny days in average, totalling for 235 days with the sun. Please see other cities in Queensland such as Toowoomba, Townsville, Mackay or Brisbane and other states in Australia for comparison.

Table Days of sunshine on average annually for cities of Queensland and other regions

City Sunny Partly Sunny Total Days With Sun
Brisbane, Queensland 126 134 261
Cairns, Queensland 98 137 235
Mackay, Queensland 123 147 270
Rockhampton, Queensland 121 151 272
Toowoomba, Queensland 107 148 255
Townsville, Queensland 116 148 264
Adelaide, South Australia 88 136 224
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 105 141 246
Darwin, Northern Territory 110 129 239
Hobart, Tasmania 44 149 193
Melbourne, Victoria 46 139 185
Perth, Western Australia 144 121 265
Sydney, New South Wales 107 129 236


As you can see from the table, all cities of Queensland have a relatively high number of sunny days. Selecting solar pool heating might be a good option for a pool in Queensland, though. Before you decide on your preferred pool heating option, give us a call and discuss the pros and cons of the solution with us. A the bottom of the scale are Hobart and Melbourne, where going for the solar pool heating might not be the best idea.

Selecting EvoHeat – the Energy-efficient Pool Heating

EvoHeat is one of the preferred brands we recommend to pool owners in Queensland. If you want a reliable and energy-efficient pool heater in Queensland that heats your pool all year round but won’t burn a hole in your pocket, EvoHeat is the smart solution. They have an extensive range of customised pool heaters that can be specified to meet your exact requirements. Whether you’re a home pool owner or running a resort/leisure centre, EvoHeat have the right solution for you. EvoHeat pool heaters are tough, durable, built for Australia’s harsh conditions and utilise cutting edge components sourced from leading brand manufacturers in Japan, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

For further peace of mind EVO comes with an industry-leading warranty on its swimming pool heaters:

  • 15 years on titanium tubing
  • 5 years on compressor /Fusion: 3 years on compressor
  • 2 years parts
  • 1 year on site labour (Force 5 back to base)

Why is EvoHeat so Popular in Queensland

Our customers, the pool owners in Queensland, appreciate many unique features of the EvoHeat swimming pool heaters. We have selected three of them:

EvoHeat Pool Heater Recommended to Queensland Pool Owners Mobile App

Smartphone App             

The pool heater can be controlled from any location thanks to the EvoHeat app, which is available free to download for iOS or Android devices. Your swimming pool will be ready, warm and waiting for your arrival.

EvoHeat Pool Heater Recommended to Queensland Pool Owners Features

High C.O.P. Ratings

With one of the highest Coefficiency Of Performance (C.O.P.) ratings available worldwide, they are up to 600% more energy-efficient than other models in the market. This translates to exceptionally large savings.

EvoHeat Pool Heater Recommended to Queensland Pool Owners Pin Riffle

Ripple Fin Heater Technology

EvoHeat’s exclusive ripple fin heater technology increases condenser surface area by 10-15% producing greater energy collection while maintaining compact design.

EvoHeat Pool Heater Series - Savings Comparison


Save $1,400 or more per year when compared to gas pool heating or Save $2,600 or more per year when compared to an electric element pool heating.

*Based on running a 5000-litre spa 24/7.


Save $1,500 or more per year when compared to gas pool heating or Save $2,800 or more per year when compared to an electric element pool heating.

*Based on running a 5000-litre spa 24/7.


Save $6,500 or more per year when compared to gas pool heating.

*Based on heating an 80,000-litre pool to 30°C 24/7.


Save $45,000 or more per year compared to gas pool heating.

*Based on heating an Olympic-sized swimming pool to 27°C 24/7.

Your Queensland Expert on (Not Only) Pool Heating

We are more than happy to assist you with selecting the best pool heating system for your swimming pool in Queensland. Please talk to us about any issues or questions you have – we are here to help.