Planning the Pool


When we told our friends and neighbours that we were putting in a pool, the first thing they said was “You’ll be sorry!! It’ll cost a fortune to maintain and take up all your spare time”. We had a Compass pool installed September 2008. We did our research before choosing a company and one of the reasons we chose Compass Pools was because of the Vantage in pool cleaning system. We’d never heard of such a system before and were intrigued by the concept. The thought of not having to have a creepy crawly vacuum thingy was very appealing!


Our Self-cleaning Pool


We put In a 6,7m Bi-luminate Ceramic Composite Pool with a sand filter, self cleaning chlorinator, swim jet and Vantage Infloor self cleaning system. The three pumps sit side by side. We can honestly say that it was the best decision we could have made to install it. We have the system on a timer so that it turns on at the same time as the pool pump as it is most efficient when they run concurrently. Our pool floor and walls remain spotless. The nozzles pop up and down and rotate in sequence pushing all debris either to the drain at the end of the pool or into the skimmer box. The water is constantly circulating which means that the temperature of the water remains even throughout the whole pool (not warm on top and cold at the bottom) I empty the two skimmer baskets once a week , We have also found that we rarely have to add chemicals. We get the water tested regularly and apart from having to add salt from time to time, we have only had to add small amounts of acid /buffer or stabiliser about 5 times in 3 yrs. This is a huge saving and has more than compensated for the initial cost of the system.

We spend our leisure time enjoying the pool, not maintaining it. It’s brilliant and we would unreservedly recommend the Vantage system to anyone installing a pool. You wont regret it.