We love our Compass pool


We have had our Compass pool in for a few months now and the results are in….. the Vantage cleaning system “does actually work”. With a young family and a new house on acreage, the weekends are full with family activities and landscaping.

I didn’t want to be like my work mates, chasing cleaning robots, trying to get the baracuder to work and wrestling hoses in the pool. With a pool surrounded by large moulting gum trees, construction and dust, the amount of cleaning required could have been a deal breaker. Then I found Composite Pool Solutions who showed me the Vantage in floor cleaning system, of which I was sceptical at first, but hopeful at the same time. Jeff was able to assure me of the technology and recommended what would suit us and It has turned out to be a great decision. We added the auto leveller and the debris canister to make it even lower fuss.

The beauty of the Compass pool is that everything is high quality, from the ceramic core to the pumps & filter. The skimmer and debris baskets are big, and even with all our leaves, we still only have to empty them every fortnight. So the pool maintains the correct water level, sweeps the floor every day and the baskets catch all the leaves which means I don’t have to clean the cartridge filter as often. The team were very helpful and we have ended up with a top quality product which is low maintenance and value adding to our property.

We are looking forward to getting hours of fun & exercise from our new pool as winter subsides and it won’t be from having to clean it all the time.

Thanks Composite Pool Solutions


Pictures of our Compass pool installation