Fibreglass Pool Innovations - new Plunge 7.0 swimming pool shape

Composite Pool Solutions is a proud Compass Pools Australia authorised pool builder. At Compass, we pride ourselves on constantly evolving the design and technology of our fibreglass pools to stay ahead of the competition and most importantly, offer you the shapes, sizes, new colours and improvements you long for.

Our Plunge Pool Range

Because of the great popularity of our Plunge pool portfolio, At Compass, we have played with the idea of adding another size to this fibreglass pool range. The Plunge pool range was developed to offer a solution to customers with limited backyard space who do not want to give up on the benefits of owning a pool. Pools in the range are smaller in size but sophisticated in their design and offering all the technologies their bigger fibreglass siblings. Every plunge pool can come with a logic system or Vantage self-cleaning system so it offers a hands-free experience for the future pool owners who can enjoy the pool without spending time and money on cleaning it.

New Plunge 7 Fibreglass Pool

Our customers have often asked us to offer them a bigger plunge pool. The biggest one until now was Plunge 6.2 with the length of 6.2m and width 3.39m. The new Plunge 7 is bigger and we have increased both dimensions. We decided to use a different approach to the third dimension, the depth, though. You have asked us to build a larger plunge pool that would be suitable for younger kids, too. Plunge 6.2 had a variable depth starting at 1.42m at the shallow end. Plunge 7 is deeper at its deep end than Plunge 6.2m, however, starts at 1.18m at the shallow end. Thus, it is more suitable for families with smaller kids who can enjoy the time in the pool without the stress of not being able to touch the bottom of the pool. Please see the simple comparison table of both dimensions below:

Table 1 Comparing Parameters of Plunge 7.0 and Plunge 6.2

7.0 Plunge7.0m4.2m1.18m1.74m
6.2 Plunge6.2m3.39m1.42m1.65m


Picture 1 Visual Comparison of the new Plunge 7.0 with Plunge 6.2

If you like the idea of having a fibreglass plunge pool in your backyard and want to get more information about the whole plunge portfolio and detailed parameters, click on the button below to go to the dedicated plunge pool range page.

New Plunge 7 in 3D

You can have a closer look at this new plunge pool’s 3D models to get a better idea of its shape, features and space.

Gallery 1 Three Dimensional Representation of the New Plunge 7.0

Get Inspiration

See some of the fabulous installations of Compass fibreglass pools from the Plunge range. A small space does not mean you cannot have a regular high-quality pool that would transform your backyard into a stunning resort-style living zone. Plunge is popular as a family pool, too!

Gallery 2 Selected Installations of the Compass Fibreglass Plunge Pool

Contact us to discuss your ideas and plans – we are always glad to hear what you are thinking of and help you choose the best solution for your project and within your budget.